CCNA has three main programs: Parent Engagement Workshops, the Community Forum, and Reach and Rise for Excellence (RARE).  Expand each section below for more details.


parentsParent Engagement Workshops empower parents to advocate to teachers and school officials on behalf of their children.  Our unique program prepares Parent Outreach Workers to be responsible for and successful at building relationships with parents, identifying their needs and ensuring that they attend our workshops.  Our workshops have consistently increased parent participation in their child’s education which promotes academic improvement and success for children. Parents of regularly participating students engage in activities that encourage their child’s educational and vocational aspirations.  The program also empowers parents to discuss learning strategies and approaches to parenting that support school success.  Parents work together in support of one another to address critical issues facing their family circumstances.  CCNA parenting professionals coach parents and provide referrals to appropriate City resources as needed.

The Community Forum brings together stakeholders in education to enhance partnerships within the community.  These forums
communityallow key partners to discuss critical issues and develop strategies to help improve the academic performance of Alexandria’s school students. The forums increase dialogue and collaboration in the community.



RARECCNA’s flagship program, Reach and Rise for Excellence (RARE), is an after school tutoring and mentoring program serving 6th – 8th grade students at Francis C. Hammond Middle School four days a week. RARE focuses on academic achievement, mentoring, leadership development, cultural education and parent involvement. The program is provided at no cost to families and includes academic supports such as help with homework, diagnostic tools in tutoring, and online programs to support classroom instruction. Academic supports are supplemented by cultural enrichment activities, team-building and leadership activities, and general life skills educational activities.