Gwen Hubbard Lewis, A Living Legend of Alexandria

Following Her Heart-Making A Difference

By Jacqueline E. Burrell

Dedicating herself to helping others, especially the children of Alexandria, Gwendolyn Hubbard Lewis is being honored as a Living Legend of Alexandria. The mission of Living legends of Alexandria, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, is to identify, honor and chronicle individuals who have made significant contributions to improve the quality of life in Alexandria.

Growing up in Alexandria, Virginia, Gwendolyn Hubbard Lewis knew her teachers cared about their
students. “It was like an extension of home. They were nurturing and tried to provide a comprehensive education,” one that included field trips to widen students’ experiences and knowledge. Blacks, at the time, had their own theater and recreation center, and had to go into Washington, DC to skate. This was the era of segregation, the supposed land of separate but equal. It meant “secondhand books, a lack of privilege, a segregated environment,” and the awareness that “our education wasn’t top notch.”